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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is it, that a special branch of dentistry is dedicated exclusively to children’s dental health?2018-12-22T21:23:09+05:30

Pediatric dentistry is a speciality dental practice devoted exclusively to the oral health of children. The reason for this is that children see and understand things differently as compared to adults. They see and hear things from our eyes and ears. Their interpretation of things is very different from all of us. This is where the role of a Pediatric Dentist becomes very important. Our work involves managing the imagination and behaviour of the child in order to get the necessary treatment done for a better outcome.

Why a Pediatric Dentist?2018-12-22T21:24:32+05:30

Unlike dentistry for adults, Pediatric Dentistry involves not only the dental treatment of children but also involves managing their fear and apprehensions. During the curriculum for Pediatric Dentistry, special training is given on various aspects of behavioural management for children.

This helps the Pediatric Dentist to relieve the anxiety of the child as well as the parent and it thus makes the entire dental experience pleasurable and stress free for both of them.

What is Smiles N Giggles?  What special measures have been taken at Smiles N Giggles to make it kids friendly?2018-12-22T21:24:41+05:30

Smiles N Giggles is a Pediatric dental setup which exclusively caters to your child’s dental needs. In short, it is your child’s own dental home.

Dr Maitry Shah, has completed 3 years of training in paediatric dentistry after completion of 5 years of graduation in dentistry. She is very warm with kids, and is very good with managing the mood swings of children. Her motto is to help children grow old without a single cavity in their mouth.

The team of Smiles N Giggles is well aware that children require special treatment & hence the environment here is extremely children friendly. The waiting area is designed to ease the child into the clinic, with various wall mounted games. There is a huge TV mounted on the dental chair where children can watch their favourite cartoons/movies during the check-up or procedure.


Let me ask you something

1) Are you scared of visiting a dentist?

2) Are you scared of taking your child for his/her first dental visit ?

Most of you are scared yourself about visiting a dentist & the remaining are scared to take your kids to the dentist.

Do you know that this anxiety is easily recognised by your children & this unconsciously makes them anxious?

Let’s see what can be done to ease the anxiety.

Let’s avoid using certain terms & sentences when introducing a dental visit to your kids, like

1.     It’s not going to pain.

2.    Don’t be scared.

3.    The doctor does not have injection.

4.   The doctor is not going to remove your teeth.

Terms like pain, scared, injection, removing teeth although used with words/phrases like no, does not, etc will induce an unpleasant imagination for your child’s first dental visit.

Terms/phrases like,

1.    The doctor has a magic chair which goes up & down like a see saw.

2.    The doctor will play a game where she will count all our teeth, checking who has more no of teeth.

3.    The doctor will just take nice photographs of your teeth etc.

will induce a pleasant imagination.

You can play dentist & patient with them at home to make them more comfortable. They can also bring their favourite soft toy if any for their dental visits.

After doing all of the above, when we have succeeded in making it a pleasant dental experience for your child, it is very important to avoid asking questions about the treatment & the procedure in front of your child. Detailed discussion about the procedure & the entire treatment preferentially should be done in the absence of children.

As a parent, it is very obvious, that there are going to be lots of doubts about why & how the treatment will be carried out. However, it will be very helpful if this discussion takes place when the child is playing outside.